Business Development as a Service – Fair Play

Just short one but quite often I meet such scenarios.

My customer, who hired me for business development services, got a new (eventually existing) customer. The customer is a large corporation (for example, the finance sector or something similar).

Guy who is in charge, usually owner, wants to sell something. Sounds okay so far, huh?

But two scenarios are almost fraudulent. The first scenario is price-blowing with an argument that is very simple – they are wealthy, they got money. Of course, it is opposite to normal business ethics and my personal values. In that scenario, I can go so far as to terminate cooperation as I do not want to practice business in such a manner.

The second scenario is even worse. The offering of non-existing products that eventually might become a reality but at the expense of the customer. Same thing with ethics and personal values. I terminate cooperation without any hesitation. Again, I do not want to be part of such an organization (albeit I am a contractor).

The moral of the story is simple. Have a product or a service, propose a fair price, and you are done. If there is no value, the customer either does not need a particular product or service or (worst case scenario) is already informed how much something should cost. Super simple.

Have a nice day.


Danijel Crncec

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