Business Development as a Service – Incapable Customer

I often got a request from companies wishing to develop their business, which is absolutely legitimate, but without enough resources to develop it properly—just a few such scenarios.

Lack of clear idea

The company got enough resources for developing whatever, enough funding for development, but got the wrong idea of a business developer’s purpose. The primary task is to develop a business based on an existing or product or service which is already in the phase of developing or finished and not creating an idea of what to develop. Eventually, such work I can accept, but this is not business development as such. This is a primary analysis of the market, defining target and scope. After this is done and qualified as an opportunity on the market, I can proceed with proper business development. Unfortunately, four out of five ideas are inadequate because people who create products or services are under extreme media bias. The ideas they got are often copycats of something already on the market. They are not doing that on purpose; at least not, they are not aware of that. It is quite normal. You can read this in the book “Cognitive Neuroscience – The Biology of Mind” by Gazzinga, Ivry, and Mangun; ISBN-13: 978-0393603170.

Lack of product

Lack of product does not have to be an obstacle immediately. Even knowing potential prospects can be beneficial as they are often willing to pay for development. I had about a dozen such situations. All of them went well. But, there is one extreme, “but.” Often service or product provider is trying to get what is not part of normal business practice. To be more precise, they are trying to get far more funding to develop products and/or not agree with customers whose belonging product will be. This is a problem for both sides. It should not be normal for ONE customer to fund product development that will be monetized solely by a company that produced it.

Lack of manpower

This one is nasty. The provider got no product or service, only good idea but lack of human resources imminently will be followed by abandoning complete project by the customer as product will be unreliable, not good enough or development will take just too long. Here and there, companies providing development will consciously overblow time and effort for product development, making it very or even extremely expensive. No one would accept the proposal under any circumstances but will look out for another company capable of producing it in a much shorter time.

I can go on with such scenarios further but these three I meet regularly.

Have a nice weekend.

Danijel Crncec

Danijel Crncec

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