Business Development as a Service – Problem I sometimes have

For the last few years, my primary job is Business Development as a Service. I handle few companies as Business Development in my segment is not a full-time job (small and middle-companies). Now and then, I receive a call asking for help.

Usually, it is very nice to work as you achieve to engage company more to develop in their particular segment but have no quite nice idea how to do it.

What is necessary for success?

First of all – full cooperation and transparency in ideas and development of production. Lack of any of two will finish in failure. On the customer side, they are not communicate everything needed for success. On the business development service provider, it is impossible to make proper decisions due to a lack of information.

In the near past, I had a customer who was working on few different products. Communication was non-transparent in few different fields.

Customer communicated complete opposite picture on resources, both people and product-wise. I literally met six or seven people on something that seemed like a proper company. Still, the real point of business development was to communicate with product development as they got one dedicated person to communicate in a particular field. The other part of communication that was completely faulty was product-wise. I had no product timeline nor milestones. But worst of all, the customer stopped developing two (out of three) products without any notification. Quite unpleasant, huh?

Besides that, the company owner had a totally unrealistic view of how the thing is developing in the market. That convinced her they got a product that is unique, groundbreaking, and mindset change. I am fine with that, but it is usually a good idea to check what is going on in the market. To be more precise, similar products are already in production with even more functionality and available to buy it literally in a matter of minutes.

On top of that, the company owner is deep into micromanagement. Extremely deep. People are leaving the company due to harassment based on micromanagement. And what is the worst thing here? Not even one person considers the owner as a competent person. Not bright future development of the company.

The aftermath is clear. We decided not to continue together. Facing their customers, I cannot say that implementation will take between two and twelve weeks, especially when implementation is charged per hour. Six hundred Euros per hour.

One more thing. The product is super simple and could be almost a bullseye, but they never got further than mockups.

Life goes on.

Danijel Crncec

Danijel Crncec

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