Tomorrow I am starting my fourth week as a freelancer. It is not easy. New technologies, new people, new approach. Completely new ecosystem than I used to have on my previous engagement. As my previous company was large corporation it was absolutely necessary to follow corporation rules and processes as there is no way such system could even exist. It really has to be considered as absolute must. Oh yes, there is standards for absolutely everything, including computing environment.

Working as a freelancer is a little bit different. As a much smaller “organization” there is no need for such strict definition of processes. I got very strict procedures for everything what is project oriented – documentation, approvals, workflows – absolutely everything is defined. Just this week I have to work on project definition for one large customer. I already know what, how and where project objectives have to be delivered. It is just part of standard process.

What is much different is completely free approach when choosing tools for job. As company now has a headcount of about one 🙂 there is lot of different tools I am free to use. Project I am working on with customers are, primary, based on Java, MySql but on other technologies as well. I think developers are using three different Linux distributions and one or two of them Microsoft platform.

On daily basis I am using two computers (another time I will explain that somewhat weird habit). I usually work on Microsoft platform (nothing serious, my main tools are Windows 10+Office 2016), but I like to play a lot with alternatives (at my home lab I got Suse, Mint and RedHat based machines, along with Raspberry platform with few different flavours of Debian). So I started to work with Linux Mint as main and dominant Linux distribution at the moment. It is very nice, speedy and stable.

And support for “regular” office work is Zero. Zilch. Nada. Niente. Not existing. I tried three main office packages for Linux (WPSApache OpenOffice and Libre Office). Every single of them is quite able to display documents. And that is pretty much that (beside one side documents that is pretty much all). Colleague of mine is using WPS on daily basis but he is working on less complex (in meaning of size and references; not less complex business wise).

On Friday I had to reinstall Windows 10 + Office 2016 combination. It seems that flavour is just right for me. But only for me. Every one have to choose for themselves. You know, not everyone like the same flavour.

Danijel Crncec

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