Cleaning Digital Footprint & Declutter my Digital Life — Part I — Closing Twitter Account

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I have been using Twitter for years. Literally.

When I started there were quite a few limitations that helped to filter trolls and not-so-smart people. We had limitations on 140 characters which also included mentions. Inherently Twitter was a community where only people who knew what to say and HOW to say it precisely, concise and straight.
In meanwhile Twitter decided to extend the maximum number of characters to 280. After that, mentions were excluded from character numbers. Even more, Twitter enabled us to connect a number of twitts into series and make it possible that anybody can use it without limitations.

I am not talking that Twitter should be a social network reserved for a small number of people with enough mind power to tell something clear in 140 characters. Quite opposite, it should enable everyone to use it but the consequences are just terrible.

Instead of having a good network of smart people Twitter just started to look more like some other social network (hi, Mr. Zuckerberg), and lot of people I had a conversation with just left because of unpolite, uneducated and stupid people that start bringing some strange ideas and arguments as they are enabled to write whatever. From strange Flat Earth ideas to 5G dangers.

I am trying very hard here not to be elitist (I am a mathematician, by the way) but just put myself in the position of a regular user who used to enjoy clear and nice discussions there.

Twitter became totally different place. I started to feel insecure with a lot of attacks on me from people I should not care about in real life. But there they are. And no matter how I tried I was always involved in different discussions leading nowhere. Pure, essential waste of time.

At the about same time, I start considering declutter my life from digital garbage and clean it from the discussion without purpose (by that I am not talking only of Twitter).

After ten years and dozens of thousands of tweets, I just decided to stop. Not step by step trying to be less involved but stop that for good.

I sent some private messages three days ago to some people I wish to stay in my life (dozens of them get back with messages and sharing _private_ information on how to get to them in real life).

Pages and pages of digital text are gone. I clearly remember one single twitt that got a reach of about half of million people. It was about my alcoholism.

Will I miss Twitter? I am missing it for a year now. It is not what it used to be. Eventually, I will have more time for other activities. And that is quite a drive for me. Doing and writing something with purpose, not explaining idiots obvious things. It was a mistake even to start. Should I close my account earlier? I will never know. Probably. Will I miss it? No, I will not.

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