Friday Night Coffee or Who is Producing Loudspeakers in Croatia?

Yesterday evening I had a night off. Since my toddler moved in I cut the number of evenings out of house (we are trying to organize to meetings in leaving room; there are no drawbacks; no one is missing cigarette smoke, too loud music and too much crowd).However, I went out te have a coffee with two friends of mine; Dean Leđenac from Audio Epilog, loudspeaker maker, ( and Goran Bakić from Croatian Radio Televison, editor of Barracuda Bar and similar programs, also author of books (

We discussed about this and that, having a coffee and tea but one thing stood out. As Mr. Leđenac is owner of Audio Epilog for almost 25 years now, producing very nice music instruments (loudspeakers :), to be more precise), all of the sudden he decided to completely overhaul complete range of speakers about four years ago. He literally decided to produce three different models instead of dozen.

Some people would call it crazy as almost all of them were selling quite well. Some even can call it stupid, brave, whatever. But real idea was Dean’s. He was not willing to expand company in such way that he will have to take care more of company than of each product he make. He was strongly against any lowering of quality due to high demand. He purposely decided to keep his company small manufacture as in such situation every customer is proud of what he got, proud of what he owns.

It was risky. Very risky. But at the end it was worth. Speakers are hand made and checked by Dean (every piece). Customer’s are happy. Company is even better now. New range of products, however, can cover almost every demand.

I had a coffee with little bit of cream and honey. And very nice portion of good time.


Danijel Crncec

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