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The definition of “complex” is quite simple. It defines that something is made of many parts. The definition of “complicated” is, well, a little more complicated. It defines that something consists of many interconnecting parts and/or elements.

If you google it, for example for complicated states “a complicated stereo system”.


In the second half of November, I had to attend a workshop in Istria. We had a quite good time there. I do not know what the weather was like as I was “locked” with another 9 people (if I remember correct) in the old Istrian house for three days working around the clock. Literally. We were working during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and all the time between finishing somewhere around 3-5 AM. It was great. Not for a single moment, no one thought about anything else. We were focused on the subject of the workshop. It was both complicated and complex. There were many subjects consisting of little pieces all connected together making a bigger issue.

It all started on Thursday, the 24th of November. The ending was on the 26th afternoon.

At the same time about 250 kilometers away, in Zagreb, The Event took place. I hardly wait for the Saturday session to finish to get back to Zagreb.


I do not know when it all started, actually. I know that somewhere during the late summer I noticed something about Too Loud Fest, an event organized by Too Loud – Blog about music and high fidelity.

At the first moment, it was not quite clear what is all about. I presumed it has to be something about High Fidelity and something about Music. It was complicated to figure out what is standing behind as it seemed somewhat complex. Almost so complex that no one would even start organizing something like that because it might seem too complicated.

I arrived in Zagreb on Saturday, late afternoon, had a shower, and went to Hilton where the main event took place.

There were two main reasons to rush there.
One was to see the Rotary Audio presenting system consisting of The Sonus Faber loudspeakers, Mcintosh amplification, dCS digital source, and Kuzma analog source (with Audio Research phono section.
The Other reason was to see if this actually is happening.


The complete event happened in four different locations around the town with numerous different happenings:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton hotel with the main event where around 35 (thirty-five) companies had their presentations of (mainly) hifi gear; besides that there were numerous live events (we are not talking about spoken recital but three or four live music performances; one of them was even brass quintet ensemble hosted by Rotary Audio); three floors with absolute full of high end. The Sonus Faber is one of the rarest speakers at all. It costs something like 170K € and it is huge. 0.7 tons huge. It is HUGE. The complete system cost was 0.5M €. I would say that it is complicated to set up such a complex system. And it was only ONE exhibitor. One of few dozens. On three floors. In an expensive hotel where you are not allowed to move boxes during the day and you got limitations like elevators, parking space. And this is not all. What else we had there? Guys from the local hifi club prepared a set of workshops about different subjects (records, turntables…); one room full of ONLY headphones and headphone amplifiers; complete home cinema systems…
    And more and more and more…
  • ORIS – Kuća arhitekture / ORIS – Hous of Architecture (I suppose translation is okay)
    I am unhappy that I did not manage to get there. The Guys managed to set up an EXHIBITION there. Exhibition with stress on audio device design. 30 pieces (of art) were shown there. Created by Jensen, Wanders, Lovegrove, and other designers. It seems that it was the first exhibition of a kind at all. Beat that. I saw the pictures. It was beautiful. I was late to see it live. Bad luck. At the second such exhibition, I will have a chance to get the first impressions. 😉
  • Kaptol Boutique Cinema
    Too Loud Fest managed to get the first-ever 4K live performance recorded in Croatia there. Concert of Boa – Live in Tvornica was performed there to show the sheer power of 4K technology. People told me it was gorgeous. Experience almost like a live performance.
  • The Garden Brewery
    If I understood right it was the only event which was, let put it that way, normal. People having fun dancing, singing, and getting together.

Level of Complicity

If someone asked me even to dare to organize something like that I really must admit I am not sure I will try. In my past I worked on different projects with different levels of complicity (and complexity as well); from multinational installations of a complex communication systems to oil rig reconstruction. I had to deal with all kinds of different people. And all of that was very complicated but doable.

I am not sure I would agree that something like that is feasible at all without enormous manpower, money, and time.

What I am sure of now? It is possible. I am still not sure yet how they managed. I will ask Tina and Nebojša for an interview about how they managed as it seems they know-how.

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