Different Perspective (The Tin Drum)

In 2003 I bought apartment I live in. It was nice, warm and cosy. I still live there (furthermore, I bought another just next to first one, 10 years after). It came with beautiful yellow closet which was unbelievably huge. Inside I found a book. The Tin Drum by Günter Grass. As I always have to read something I just spend some time reading it. What triggered me the most is the fact that this particular piece of art is considered as one of most valuable books ever written.

Wooooosh. It is year 2017. Weekend was very intensive with lot of different social activities, guests and such stuff. Last guest left around 7:30PM, Sunday, My better half went to visit friend to have u cup of coffee and our toddler went to bed. I had my own time. On gramophone I put Jacques Loussier Trio –  Satie Gymnopédies Gnossiennes. From a bookshelf I put out The Tin Drum. It was marked on third book (book itself consists of three parts). Honestly, I do not remember why I stopped (maybe I did not, maybe some one else did that). So far I read some 70-80 pages. It is not the same book I remember. In fact, the book is the same but my perspective change.

In case I described change of perspective is natural and caused by growing older. I was twenty something when I was reading it first time and I am over forty now. My mind changed, the way I think is different.

For a last year or so I am working for multinational company as a business consultant. This role every single day put me in such position. I have to change perspective. I have to put myself in someone’s else position. Each and every day. This is the key issue, almost basic factor, for getting work/job/project done.

Yesterday or day before yesterday I read very interesting comment/notice about that from Biljana Cerin.

Clarifying what is need and what is not is crucial for project selling. Almost every time consultants are in position to reconsider. To change perspective. To try other people shoes, if you want. Spend that little piece of time with your colleagues and with customer. This approach will not ensure you to win a project, will not assure you a work but definitely will help to show your customer that you care. That you understand.

I will finish Grass’ book in next few days. You know, I understand it better now.

Danijel Crncec

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