Recently I visited Dubrovnik during local Summer Festival. Between other performances I visited two drama plays with pretty much same subject and topic covered.

First one, “Grad sjena” / “City of Shadows”, directed by Davor Mojaš, was sheer pageant of how is possible to create masterpiece with relatively small budget without huge resources or anything similar. Just very good concept and clear idea what should be done and what has to be communicated with audience.

The other one, few days later is not worth of writing albeit it had extreme budget, all possible resources and everything you can imagine. It is just bad. Director missed almost everything. Too long, too much effects, not clear idea what and how to communicate with audience. That bad.

As drama director acts as project manager he has to balance very precise between project goal, resources and similar things we got on each and every project. This one was pretty much demonstration of dexterity, knowledge and experience. Everything good project manager has to have.

Danijel Crncec

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