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Yesterday I saw nice article on my friends blog about music albums that influenced on him the most as he is very into hi fi and music. I hardly can say that any music left such impression on me in professional part of my life but there are books I found to be either helpful or good from theoretical point of view but not consider strictly my work.

Good to Great – Link
Oldie but goldie. It’s nice study about management in 1990s. What work and what not. How business can sustain be successful. Very interesting reading, very interesting finding in study.

Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets – Link
s it says. Nothing more, nothing less. Also somewhat old reading but worth. Very well described process. Eliminates sheer luck from sales process.

Say it in Six – Link
ow to get to the point in six minutes. Just like this small article. 😉

Send – Link
omewhat obsolete, but stil eligible. How to handle mail communication.


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