How to start bad project (or ruin it from beginning)

Had a coffee with a friend od mine today. She is working in public company as content manager for digital publications. So, she told me a little story what is going on there. As for last year and a half (or so) we got no regular situation with our Government therefore public sector is in mess. Which is good, btw, as real sector finally can work. Therefore they got no director for some time now. Her boss is complete incompetent idiot which came in company during time last director use to be there. As such he got great ideas.

They are staring new project. Without complete idea what final product should be, what tools should be used, what services they should outsource, when should they begin and when they should end. There is no clear idea of budget. Is that part of larger project or independent project.

As you can see, every possible thing to even think about project is missing, but as I mentioned before, her boss is incompetent idiot. Project is starting next Monday.

Danijel Crncec

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