I Hate Project Managers

I am project manager by profession. It is what I do for living.

During the years I managed to collect quite nice portfolio of finished projects; international projects for secure communication up to reconstruction of oil rigs. Some projects lasted for a month, some of them was over a year. Not all of them was success. For example, I remember deploying system at customer but it never get into production as customer was not much eager to put it work and was not spending own money. On the other hand I saw system we deployed one process automation system eleven years ago and particular server handling requests got up-time of over eleven years.

What all this projects got in common is that all of them was done using some kind of project methodology either “official” or something just putted together to set up rules, procedures and processes. From, now mature, Microsoft Solution Framework to PMBOK.

Of course, about one third of started projects never get to life. What is common to them that other party, customer, put own project manager as well but usually it was person without motivation to finish it, without even remote idea to learn something new and without supervision as I usually expect. For private held companies where owner or owner’s representative is part of the team I can say that success to fail ratio is quite different then to large organizations where actually no one got any real commitment to get something done. In summer 2016 I was part of projects which was already like three years late. Not three years behind schedule. Three years late. I managed to disconnect my part and finish it in sprint run (about four months) not to get involved in their own disastrous habits. I must not forget to tell that today, summer 2019, projects is still active and as far as I know organization managed to change four project managers in last twelve to fifteen months. Four. And they got no idea when project will finish.

None of aforementioned project managers there are educated project manager but just random guys from middle management with some technical knowledge.

And they are the main reason why I hate project managers.

Project management is way of life, like writer, painter, developer. You must constantly improve your skills, knowledge and expertise. Continuously be aware of your work. Be able to say — that’s shit, we will do it again, we will improve it. You have to be self-conscious and self-critical.

Otherwise you are lousy project manager.

Danijel Crncec

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