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Working with information is always about sharing. If I remember correct my first article was published somewhere in year 1987. Somewhere in July will be exactly 30 years. This was time before Internet, high speed communication, we were using land lines for calling each other and everything has to be shared “manually” in terms of communication infrastructure we got today.

The one and only way to share information to wide public thirty years ago was either magazines, newspapers or eventually radio broadcast or television (TV extremely rare, radio somewhat strange but I remember broadcasting of wishes and greetings on local radio station on some days, usually weekends).

Today we got mail, cell phones, public communication channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever you can now think of. Still, the very same problem still exists. Information sharing is very important on every project not important how big it is. On the other hand it is not solely most important. It is just important as any other aspect of project; time, budget or anything else.

Keeping everyone informed in time is very important for do proper correction on project (try to put yourself into position of any project stakeholder; wouldn’t you like to know as a project sponsor for shortage of money in time, of course, if there is reason good enough for that).

Colleague of mine told me good one last week. His company (he is employee of multinational company with operations in over 80 countries) in local subsidiary failed to deliver project in time. Reason is very simple. They had not even started delivery phase, neither any other phase of project as no one told them to do that. They were aware of project, aware of fact they will have to deliver services, but hey, they NEVER EVER received anything what triggered any work, albeit project managers know about project but what really happened? They was waiting for the other side to “make a click” and start something. On the other side situation is very same. Nothing bad happened, fortunately, bud information sharing just failed. Big time.

Information sharing is important in every aspect of our lives, not just for projects. Today we decided that I will pick our toddler from kindergarten. My wife decided that and asked me if I am good with that (of course I am). But I was informed early enough about my designation. Early enough to pick her up before so we went together. Great thing.

Danijel Crncec

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