Multiple Computers

I am always using multiple computers, even on daily work operations

Quite often I am getting about my somewhat strange habit using two computer at the same time. It is nothing really special about it, to be hones, it is not show off, it is just matter of habit.

Let me put it like this. When I am doing something productive only few things are on my desk:

  • pen (fountain pen in 99% of time)
  • notebook (paper one, usually Moleskine or Rhodia)
  • coffee
  • two computers

Using two (or more) computers require some discipline

Not really. Some organizing is required but not too much. The most complicated thing for me was file location as in such scenario local files are no option. Not at all. It is simply not possible to figure out where you put something just after few hours, not talking about next day. No go situation. There are two basic solutions for that. First one is cloud storage of some kind (private cloud, public cloud service, you name it) and the second one is external disk. Or combination. It is up to you to decide. I prefer cloud over external disk. External disk can be lost, for example. Therefor it has to be encrypted (unless data on it is not too sensitive but in such scenario you will use cloud). I use external disk sometimes for some projects with some users. Financial institution, for example. Everything else is on cloud

Second thing you have to care about is format. At the moment I am using three machines on daily basis and each of them got different operating system. One is Windows 10 + MS Office combination, the second one is Linux Mint with WPS Office, the third one is Chromebook with Google Docs. Fortunately there are on-the-fly conversion but at the and you will just leave it and use XML document format (.docx, for example, or .xslx). And that’s it. Works with everything.

Why am I using two computers?

Answer is quite simple. Getting rid of distraction. As simple as that. I start up both computers at the same time (I am almost always using two working inside office/home office).

The one in front of me is for work. Usually I open application(s) I need and work. There are some notes on papers I have to take care about and that is pretty much it. But, every now and then (more then than now) I am interrupting work process deliberately. I am closing the lid on computer in front of me. Taking a breath. Deep one. Relaxing one. I put computer away and open second one. Checking mail, deciding which mail can be processed right away and what can wait (or what can be trashed). This takes me maybe 5 to 10 minutes. And that’s it.

After that I am relaxing for another 5 to 10 minutes. And I am closing lid on second one just after that getting back to work. Getting back to first computer. Getting back to real productive work.

Danijel Crncec

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