New love.

As of few weeks ago I abandoned my Evernote account. I closed it. Of course, there is a “but”. What should I use? In my both personal and professional life I am heavy notetaker. Not just a notetaker but I am living double life. Same notes I am taking both on paper and in digital form.

For a analogue version I am using fountain pens (because of colors I am using few of them; most of them with F nib, but also some are M); I mostly use Faber-Castell’s Emotions or cheap but very good OnLine production (very good if you look for something easy to write with, nice and heavy, out-of-the-box ready to rumble M equipped pen).

For last 15 years Moleskine was notebook of choice but as they started to make “special editions” every three weeks losing their delicacy they used to have when collections were solely black or just sometimes red. What Moleskine forgot to tell you is that they changed paper so for a last year or two they are okay to use with gel pens (.38 Pilots for example) but not fountain pens any more (eventually EF nibs but no one like to write with EF nib). Currently I am looking for  a new notebook(s).

Let’s go ahead a little. We are in living in digital world (so they say). Last two weeks I started to take notes with Google’s Keep. So far, so good. It require some time to get used to; there are no folders or something similar. Actually, there is two things. Two super simple things. There are labels. Very similar to Google Mail. Very easy and simple to use. For example implementing some of Getting Things Done methodology is very ease especially if you are aware of color coding of notes itself (you can color code using 7 different colors plus plain white; just enough not to get to complicated, you are not Gaudi, anyway).

It took me about an two hours to migrate my notes from Evernote to Keep. Additional two days of simple exploring.

It works perfect with everything Google; for personal tasks I am using Chromebook by Lenovo; for work Microsoft Windows 10 based environment with Chrome, Lenovo Phab and Blackberry Passport.

So far I am fine with Google Keep. More than fine, but let me spend month or so more with it. I will tell you what is going on.

Danijel Crncec

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