Platform Diversity

I am freelancer. I got nice engagements with some serious companies dealing with financial institutions. Phone is my tool. I do not have any games on it, no Facebook. More/less productivity applications (not all of them, Instagram is not productivity application but it is very good for a free time we all have).

For last few days I am using iPhone. Plus model. As my primary phone and workhorse I used to use Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Blackberry Passport lately; Lenovo for last six months and Passport for last three years or something.

There is something substantially different between Android and Blackberry 10 Platform. On Android there is all kind of applications for everything. 95% of them are complete sh*t. No use at all. Another 1 percent is usable and you can actually do something with them (more on that in next article, Wunderlist, Pinterest, WhatsApp and such will be covered, my essential set). There is another 2 percent of with price too high (actually service itself is too pricy; for example, for few bucks you got _complete_ Microsoft Office with extreme set of features and add ons, great deal if you ask me; for same money you cannot buy normal project management tool). And another 2 percent of specialized applications. All together – mess. But you can deal with it if you try.

On BlackBerry 10 there are no applications. That’s it. Single usable thing on BlackBerry is BlackBerry Hub. End of story. But without ANY app even close to that. THE Reason why people use Blackberry.

And now they got me iPhone. So far – so good. So far – so very very good. Will keep you informed in a week or so.

Danijel Crncec

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