Behind every good project there are lot of different phases even before project starts. For example, simple thing called Sales process is there and lasts. Sometimes sales process seems like lasting forever and sales people often remind themselves on “Neverending Story” and Bastian Baltasar Buchs.

Sales process is, when analyzed properly, very simple. You have only small number of variables which have to be known for sales process. Lot of these variables are boolean; for example, does customer has a for your service or product? Is there budget for your stuff…

Getting everything in place is nice and easy. Just have to prepare everything right. But sales process very often is little bit more complicated than just filling variables. Preparation for filling this is crucial. Without good preparation of every single phase of sales process you cannot count on anything.

Yesterday I had sales meeting with large financial institution. It was my first contact with them. Our partner is working with them for a years now.

Meeting lasted for an hour or so. Next week we are starting Proof of Concept phase of project. Partner prepared everything almost if not perfect. They prepared myself, prepared customer.

They should write a book about this single example. Preparation 101.

Danijel Crncec

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