Recipe for a Good Cake

I went to my parents last weekend. As I am almost forty-one of course that my mother put some cake in my bag. Very good cake. She made it. It is called bishop’s cake.
Cake is not only thing that is good. I also got good friends. One of them is Dragica, we call it aunt Dragica :).
Another good thing is sharing. It is good for both sides, one who is receiving and the other, who is sharing. So I shared my cake (as my mother packed it a lot) with aunt Dragica this morning.
I visited aunt Dragica after I came back from my office. She asked for a recipe for a aforementioned cake. I will ask mother for that.

The very same situation we got every day in project management. All of you know that projects consist of procedures, methods and such things. Always have in mind that project management is not about inventing, rethinking, trying. It is simple following of established methods, procedures… recipes…

You know what I am talking about, you get it.

Danijel Crncec

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