Sixteen Years

I was 25 then. Sitting comfortably in tram minding my own business. Still young I used to wear cargo pants with large pockets on side. Usually filled with all kind of something. Have in mind that it was before gadget time. No iPods, no smartphones… We used to carry books in backpacks if we had to quality spend free time sometimes.

Only thing electronic was cell phone. If I remember correct it was Nokia 8110 (remember Matrix?). The phone rang.

My Boss, Slaven, got only one brief instruction. Go to customer, install Microsoft Tahoe (RC1, I think) and see how they will react on that.

I went there. They put me in system room on second floor of large building. Everything there was buzzing and noisy. I remember one optical cable routed on the floor. Routed in the meaning – laying around so everyone could step on it.

I got IBM Server (I do not remember which one, but it was size of chest of drawers, weighting over 100 kilos ) and a chair. With clear instruction – we would like to have this particular software you got for a testing, you know, to show us a little. During the day everyone disappeared. Goran Ivanisevic played finale of Wimbledon that Monday.

Next 8 months I spend in this organization. As far as I know it was first enterprise level installation of something we call SharePoint today. It was before SharePoint.

It was before project management was a real IT discipline. Project management in IT was still in process of developing. I finished project. I came back to company after 8 months or so and the same day I quit. It was that painful, unorganized, uncharted and unplanned. But not because we were clumsy. We were just in situation where no one was before us.

Sixteen years later, we got lot of nice, almost beautiful tools to work with. Lot of methodologies we can use, lot of experience.

Looking back, If I had tools I got now sixteen years ago project I started this text with will be over in a month. Including all phases and whatever you can dream of.

Only sixteen years took for a such giant leap. Isn’t that great?

Microsoft Announces Branding and RC1 Availability of “Tahoe” Server


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