Starting to change Project Culture – Is it possible at all?

As I am actively working on different project for approximately 20 years now there is one thing standing out on each and every one of them. It is project culture. This page will be dedicated to project culture as such but also covering different things about methods, methodologies, experience and more.

At the moment simple definition states that project culture is made of all values, standards, settings, patterns and so on. Also, everyone aims to copy most of previous project to next one in believing that this is right way to positive outcome. But project culture in that case is not developing, new projects are just field to repeat old mistakes on and on. And nothing happens that can improve it.

Project management is not really exact discipline (everyone of you is aware that we got quite a lot different project management approaches, all of them somewhat similar) and this is the most important thing that should be considered in developing project culture. Every part of project managing can be developed, changed, implemented differently or to say it in a simple way – it can be more cultivated. This is how we gonna change project culture and make it more acceptable, easier and, as a final idea, more productive in everyday performing.

Danijel Crncec

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