Travelling (not so) Light

Quite often I have one day business trips. Sometimes that happens to be really stressful for, especially when travelling with lot of documentation and equipment. Partially as I sometimes uncertain if I get everything I supposed to have with me and sometimes I am just stressed because I know there will be troubles in case I have to figure out where I put what. You know, I usually get up to three different messenger bags.

My everyday bag is Crumpler New Delhi 510. I like it the most because of few things. Beside traditional quality and very good protection for stuff you carry in, New Delhi 510 is built in such way that there is large central compartment in the middle surrounded by not too many pockets, but nice positioned and all of them got just size I found ideal for pencils, power adapters, small tools, wallet, wires, and so on, very easy reachable and secured by velcro straps. One huge pocket on back is just enough for up to 14″ notebook. I got it quite a few time, I am not sure if it still in production, but something similiar should be. Oh yes, this is “bag for photo equipment” but this photo part is actually bag inside bag. As all of photographers I know carry backpacks  I really don’t see the point but whatever. I just pulled it out on day one and never even tried to find usage for it (there is no any).

Btw, the other two Crumpler bags I use is Spanky Jones and Ugly Divorce. Go figure it out. But one things are certain. They are doing their job – perfectly. Keep my stuff clean, dry and protected. Good enough for me.

Danijel Crncec

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